Getaway to Tver, a town on Volga

As I’m not a big fan of winter travelling, let me share some summer memories with you.

Are you looking for an off-the-beaten track destination for your weekend getaway from Moscow? Jump on an express train and in an hour, you can find yourself in a cosy town of Tver, a perfect place to catch a break from the concrete jungle.


This town with the population of about 416 000 people, has the Volga river as its spine. Volga crosses the Central Russia from north to south and it changes its face in every town it flows through. Tver is the town where many Volga cruises start, thus you will see a few tourists doing the sights.


It is amazing what a great source of entertainment both for tourists and locals a river can be!

Long embankments with benches, stairs and a Ferris wheel – pick a spot and re-connect with the nature watching the peaceful, yet powerful River.





 Dozens of sailors took out their boats for a nice Saturday practice, bringing in a dynamic note to the tranquil view.


bridge-boat-most-lodka-Tver-Volga-river-Russia-thebrightworldaroundThe bronze figure of Afanasy Nikitin shows the merchant and intrepid explorer, who left Tver in the 15th century and travelled down the Volga and then across the Caspian Sea and through Persia to India. Although he never made it back alive, his book “Journey Across Three Seas” became a famous travelogue.



The Tver architecture presents an eclectic mix of 18-19th century gems with the Soviet and modern buildings, in varying conditions.




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