‘Run City’.The Dark spirits of Moscow/ “Бегущий Город”.Тёмные силы Москвы

A city is a huge set of boxes. Some of them are transparent and it’s easy to see what’s going on inside, others have an open cover and are easily accessible too. But mostly you can only guess what’s in there and there are plenty of dark secrets and spirits hiding inside. Sometimes, they creep out though.

Zemplyanoy val, by house 59/2 – Земляной вал, около д. 59/2

On Zemplyanoy val, Alexander Rukavishnikov, a Russian sculptor, opened a workshop and a restaurant. In a small park around, you can meet eye-to-eye with a fierce warrior stuck deep in the ground and unable to break free. BTW, his twin brother Spartak, is more lucky – he lives a happy life by Spartak-Otkrytie Football Arena.

Or how about having a bowl of pho bo under the glowing eyes of a creepy black hedgehog at Baumanskaya?

Или, может, вам хочется подкрепиться миской фо бо под зловещим светящимся взглядом огромного чёрного ежа?

metro Baumanskaya Denisovskiy pereulok 30 build. 1/ Денисовский пер., 30, стр.1

Now meet a gigantic duck, that put on a scarf and is having an evening stroll by its mansion. Or it’s just pretending to be so innocent and peaceful and is about to open its eyes and hunt a juicy meaty human for dinner?

А вот познакомьтесь – гигантская утка надела шарф и вышла прогуляться у своего особняка. Или она просто затаилась, высматривая себе ужин среди праздно слоняющихся по улицам города гомо сапиенсов?…

Krivokolennyi pereulok/ Кривоколенный переулок

I stumbled on these spooky guys while I was on a route with the ‘Run City’ Quest and I can’t thank them enough for helping me see such diverse faces of Moscow!

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